The “Reflections” campaign that TOM HUSSEY photographed for Novartis is generating quite a lot of buzz.  The campaign is featured this week on Photography Served.  Take a look and you can give Tom a thumbs up at the bottom of the images if you’d like.  Tom really enjoyed working on this campaign and was hired to shoot another series of images recently in New York for the continuation of the project.  We will post those images soon.

Have you been to the website lately?  See what’s current, the photographer’s are all adding new images weekly.

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  1. DEBORAH says:

    I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I thank you so very much Mr. Hussey for this incredible and glorious concept Reflections. I am 64 years old and I can truly relate to every single one of your marvelous photos. I cried with the joy of your humanity and your art. Words fail me.
    thank you thank you and thank you

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